Singing since he was four years old, Michael has always had a passion for performing. If there was a microphone around, chances are he'd be the one holding it. Born in Long Beach, California, Michael grew up in a home booming with music. Music has always been a part of his life.

In 2012, he picked up his first guitar, and the world of music opened up in ways he never imagined. He began making videos on YouTube, covering songs from his favorite artists. Even with a huge admiration for music, the thought of writing his own material never crossed his mind.

That all changed a few years later when he wrote his first song, "I TRY." After he played it for his friends, they forced him to play the song live at an open mic in Downtown Los Angeles. He was dead scared, but did it anyway. Shocked by the audience response, it was at that very moment that he realized the magnitude that his music could have on the world. He continued writing and performing his songs throughout Los Angeles but it was on the live streaming apps, Periscope and Krue, where his music found the biggest audience, with thousands of followers tuning in each week to hear him sing.

Thanks to those fans across the globe, he successfully crowdfunded his debut album Trust released on September 30, 2016. Join the journey—buy the album now!

In early 2018, Michael released his single, “Enough is Enough,” inspired by the survivors of the Parkland shooting.

Michael is currently working on his next EP, which is slated for release in 2019.